The Hummingbird Initiative

The Sisterhood is proud to be donating 50% of funds raised at our 2018 Ball and our 2019 Speed Project race LA to Vegas to the amazing Hummingbird Initiative.

This is Emily. She ran away from her abusive husband with her 2 children. It is not common, to leave. Domestic abuse is quite common with women believing that this is normal and that they should tolerate it.

She has been incredibly brave but now she has nothing. This house is where she lives. The owners have let her live here on the condition that she works the land for them for her rent. She cannot make any extra money of her own. She cannot afford to educate her children, cannot afford medical bills and struggles to buy extra food, clothes, and all other daily needs.

A quarter of an acre of land would be all that she would need to start growing her own food and miraa for an income. She could start living independently and looking after her children. The Sisterhood is helping to raise funds to empower women like Emily to make a new start in life and look forward to a brighter future. Thank you Emma Sayle.